Research paper: “System-Level Design Trade Studies by Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) utilizing Modelica” – The First Japanese Modelica Conference 2016

System-Level Design Trade Studies by Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) utilizing Modelica

Joshua Sutherland, Kazuya OIZUMI, Kazuhiro AOYAMA, Naoki TAKAHASHI, Takao EGUCHI


The First Japanese Modelica Conference, May 23-24, Tokyo, Japan

This paper describes an approach to conduct System-Level Design Trades Studies, utilizing Modelica by way of Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA). Discussion of problems experienced on student Solar-Boat project enables requirements for completion of a trade study effectively and efficiently to be identified. A proposed approach and tool for completing trade studies which aims to satisfy these requirements is described where Modelica is chosen to be the numerical modeling language to predict performance of different competing alternative designs and Multi Objective Decision Analysis (MODA) as a way to consistently compare those alternatives.
Further, to enable alternative designs to be created with low effort the replaceable feature of Modelica components is used such that the alternatives can share common architectures.
Examples utilizing the approach and tools to predict performance of competing Solar-Boat designs and compare them is provided.